Township Government

Pocopson Township is a second class Pennsylvania township. According to state law, the “class” of a municipality depends solely on population density. The municipal government provides the functions and services necessary for the safety and welfare of the community and its residents.

In townships of the second class, the governing body is composed of three supervisors who are elected at large for six-year terms. One supervisor’s seat is filled in each two-year election cycle. Other elected officials include a tax collector and three auditors.

The tax collector serves a four-year term; the auditors each serve six-year terms. In Pocopson, the elected tax collector generally appoints the Township to serve as tax collector, and the Township contracts out that function. Similarly, the Township hires a professional CPA firm to perform the annual audits in place of the elected auditors.

Townships reorganize at the first meeting of the calendar year, naming a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Engineer, and Solicitor. By state mandate, the organizational meeting must be held on the first Monday in January that falls after January 1. The Board also appoints other professional service providers on an as-needed basis and appoints volunteers to the Township’s committees and commissions.