Comprehensive Plan

Comp-Plan--coverThe purpose of Pocopson’s Comprehensive Plan is to guide future decisions by the Township, delineating the policies – goals and objectives – on which those decisions will be based. These policies are developed though the comprehensive planning process, and informed by factors affecting the community. These factors include existing land uses, natural resources, the transportation system, historic resources, and community facilities. The assessment of existing conditions and creation of policies together leads to the development of specific recommendations to achieve the goals and objectives for Pocopson Township.

The Comprehensive Plan is mandated by Pennsylvania law in the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC). The Plan establishes broad goals and criteria for Pocopson Township as a guide for use in future planning, land use, development and regulation.

The comprehensive planning program was lead by an eight member task force consisting of one representative of the Board of Supervisors, the majority of the Planning Commission, and Township residents. The task force met on a monthly basis beginning in the spring of 2012 through early 2014 to compile, analyze and evaluate pertinent data affecting land use, housing, transportation, recreation, community facilities, and resource protection in the Township.

The 2014 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Pocopson Board of Supervisors on June 23, 2014.