Deer Management

Whitetail deer on frosty morningPocopson Township has an active deer management program designed to safely curtail the deer overpopulation in our area. A team of dedicated, highly trained volunteers hunts on Township property.

The Deer Management Committee members are fully licensed and adhere to the rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania State Game Commission. All deer kills are tagged, harvested and processed by licensed butchers.

Hunting is by bow and arrow as well as shotgun, depending on the applicable season. Signs are posted on all public properties.

All hunters on the Pocopson Deer Management Committee carry Pocopson ID cards with them at all times. Vehicles used during the hunt days are clearly marked by Pocopson placards posted on the windshield.

Brandon Brown: Committee Chairman
Committee members include: Blake Aponte, Brett C. Brown, Don Lane, James Ron Lane, Kevin Gosselin, Randy L. Hutchison, Ronald Miller, William H. Brown, Jr., William H Brown, III

Dead Deer Removal
Contact PennDOT at (484) 340-3200 for State roads only: Routes 926 (W. Street Rd.), 842 (Unionville-Wawaset Rd.), and 52 (Lenape Rd.), plus Pocopson, Lenape-Unionville, Wawaset, Red Lion and Northbrook Roads
Contact the PA Game Commission at (610) 926-3136 or (610) 926-1966 for Township roads only – i.e., any other road in the Township not identified above as a State road.

For questions and information about joining the Pocopson DMC please call 484-571-5889 to speak with the Deer Management Committee Chairman.