Historical Committee

The Historical Committee connects the past to the present, making Pocopson’s history tangible and relevant for the region’s diverse residents today and for generations to come.

The purpose of the Pocopson Township Historical Committee (PTHC) is to identify and encourage the preservation of historical resources within the township. Resources include but are not limited to stone, log or wooden structures used for any purpose, sites of historic activities, roads and trolley lines, trees and bridges. To further encourage the preservation of the historic character of the township the PTHC provides an advisory function to the township’s planning commission for the purpose of encouraging compatibility between new construction and the historic character and country viewscapes within the township.

The PTHC is a volunteer organization headed by a chairperson. Project committees are formed and headed by a committee chairperson. The number of members and scope of the projects are determined by the interest of township residents. The PTHC reports to the Board of Supervisors.






-Educational website: locustgroveschoolhouse.org

Committee Members

Don McKay, Chair
Pat Burnett
David Miller
John Hedrick
Randy Mims
Sarah Mims
Loralynne Yost
Tony Musacchio

Resource Members – Alta Hoffman and Doug Fearn

Meetings – 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Pocopson Township

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The Historical Committee is interested in your photographs, newspaper articles, and other artifacts from post-World War II Pocopson Township. During this era, the first neighborhoods were developed and Pocopson began the transition from a farming community to the suburb that is it today. Please contact the Historical Committee if you have items that we can copy.